Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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Women 's rights in Egypt have long been severely restricted due to Sharia (Islamic law) and cultural traditions. The laws in Egypt act like an enemy of women 's rights as they are based on gender discriminatory. How can a woman has unequal value of a man and treated differently! So, it was the time for the women to unite and stand together to get back their freedom and proof to the world that they are not birds placed in cages. They asked for their rights; freedom of speech and to be treated equal to men as they are no less. In order to get their rights back, the laws should be revised, and women have to unite and protest opposing discrimination. Unfortunately, the Arab Society has limited the rights of women as the legal system is based on the Islamic laws, and the man always have been valued more than the woman, and obtained more privileges and opportunities.

There is no doubt that Women living in societies governed by Sharia have fewer rights than men. How can a woman 's testimony in a court is worth half that of a man 's, although God created them equally! From my point of view as i lived there many years, these laws should be revised in order to have human equality. Egypt laws are based on Sharia rules; the government follows the rules of the Koran, for example, which allots daughters half the inheritance of sons (Beyer, Lisa, et al para 3). I think this is against democracy and equality. Also, Family law in Islamic countries grants the husband the right to divorce…

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