Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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In 1968, a group of women came together to talk about women’s issues and what could be done to improve the lives of all women in Canada. At the time it was revolutionary, a second wave of feminism was brought to Canada and the issues affecting women were finally being addressed. (Din & Cho, 2012) It’s now been over 45 years since this first meeting occurred and the lives of women have changed in many ways such as the increase in women joining the workforce, and the legalization of abortion in Canada. However, while the feminist movement has made substantial improvements to the rights of women, there are still areas that need to be addressed, like the policy implementation of childcare, aboriginal issues, and women’s participation in government. First, I will demonstrate how the Harper government has limited the options women have for childcare and how this places an undue burden on the lives of women. Second, I will examine how the mistreatment of Aboriginal women is an issue that affects all women and how the government of Canada has done very little to protect these women. Finally, I will demonstrate that there is a lack of participation of females in government and how this is detrimental to the advancement of the implementation of these women’s policies.
Childcare is an issue that affects the lives of women in a variety of ways. Childcare tends to be considered the responsibility of the mother and because of this, they are the ones who suffer professionally. (Baker,…

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