Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

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All throughout history, women have played many different roles from helping to lead civilizations to just being slaves to men. The women that lived in Rome were better off than women that lived in China because they had more legal rights in marriage and didn’t have as strict of social standards. The women that lived in Rome had legal rights when it came to marriage. In Ancient Rome, married women had a share of all possessions and sacred rights that their husband had. Women had power in their marriages and weren’t just slaves to their husband. A woman is allowed to resist an arranged marriage if the husband that is picked out for her is unworthy in his actions or is infamous in character. This shows that women had somewhat of a say in their marriage. Women couldn’t be married off to a man that would be unworthy of her. They also had some power when it comes to divorce. Women can divorce their husband if they are a homicide sorcerer, or a destroyer of tombs. In China, women have somewhat equal rights in marriage. Ban Zhao said that there is a Yin and Yang balance in the marriage that both the husband and wife must uphold. She was a woman scholar that wrote a manual “Lessons for Women” that outlined how a woman should act to support a patriarchal family system. Men still have more power over women because they are supposed to control their wives while the wives are just supposed to serve the men. The men in the relationships will only teach the boys to read because…

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