Essay on Women 's Rights Of Women

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More Women in Power

If more women were in higher governmental power, additional action would be taken to improve the government and the world in general. Women have always been considered a follower of men since the beginning of time. However, women are being politically elected to be heads of state and government, they are leaders of countries and role models for the younger generations. More than 20 countries currently have a woman holding office as the head of a national government, and the global participation rate of women in national-level parliaments is nearly 20%. In addition, women are highly devoted to promoting national and local policies that address the socioeconomic and political challenges facing women, children, and disadvantaged groups (Albright, K. Madeline 1). More women in power would mean there would be a greater focus on childcare, healthcare, and education—issues in which women are often at a disadvantage and more progress would be seen (Riggio, E. Ronald 8). They seem to have a heightened social compassion and are seen as more caring than some men. Women in power will stand up for other women across the nation and will change the way women are viewed in the government.
Women are known as the most organized sex. Women are more focused on finding common ground and collaborating. Neuroscientists have discovered that when women are being pressured into making a decision, we bring unique strengths to decision making. Women tend to accumulate data and do…

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