Women 's Rights Of Women Essay example

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From the beginning of time, man has ruled the world; he has led in a captive heroism cape, trotting around as the supreme gender. Men are brought up superior to women, therefore they lead: countries, nations, and even women. The ideology of these superiorities amongst the gender roles, are created by men. Gender roles around the world have many differences, yet they coincide with similar issues. Progress in the equality of gender is a long road ahead, however there is progress in places all around the world, including Canada. I will demonstrate the position of women not only in political settings however, entailing events about struggle and inequality. Demonstrating women’s capability, endurance, their progress throughout time, and with the resolutions to make gender roles equal in society. In politics we see the men always ahead, women are acknowledged insignificantly in political roles. It is important to note that politics is not the only root of inequality for women. Women have suffered a great deal of discrimination within the workplace. Gender roles are different however, both genders should receive the same amount of opportunity in all societies. The opportunities that men are given are greater, men often have no obligations, contrary to women. Creating a system to accommodate women into the work force will benefit the society, by creating innovative perspectives; showcasing the superiority of women’s equality to men.
Women are capable of anything a man can do,…

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