Women 's Rights Of Women Essay

1867 Words Oct 12th, 2015 8 Pages
Women are so powerful. Women are strong, hardworking, capable, beautiful human beings. Despite these things women’s rights are still being compromised. On August 26, 1971 women gained the right to vote, establishing Women’s Equality day. (Bahadur). Although women have gained so many rights since then, there is still a lot of work to be done. Birth control availability is not always an option. Abortion is a choice women might not be able to make for themselves anymore. Feminism is very important, and something everyone needs to embrace. Women are unequal to men in an even more frightening way. And wage discrimination does exist. Birth control is still not readily available to all women yet, even though it should be. Non-profit organizations no longer have to provide contraception to female workers if it is against their religion. (Barnes). Women should be able to get contraception provided by the organization they work for if they want or need it. The government shouldn’t be able to deny women basic feminine health necessities. Besides, the organizations wouldn’t like it if any of their female employees were pregnant and have to take days of time off work. “The Affordable Care Act requires that women covered by group health plans be able to obtain contraceptives at no additional cost” (Barnes). This law originally excluded only religious groups, but after many protests, this now applies to non profit organizations. (Barnes). What’s next? Actual companies? Religious beliefs…

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