Essay on Women 's Rights Of Women

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On July 19, 1848, the convention in Seneca Falls, New York attracted both men and women who were interested in the rights of women. The two-day meeting started something big. Women all over the country began speaking up about their rights. Even though the public did not want to listen, these brave people helped shape America into what it is today. This meeting eventually led to the Nineteenth Amendment around 70 years later. The amendment gave women the right to vote and women began feeling empowered to speak up about inequality. The Seneca Falls Convention in 1848 helped start a movement that gave women the Nineteenth Amendment and more equal rights. In the early 19th century, few women were willing to stand up for their rights (Andreas 1). Those who did were met with criticism and punishment. An American woman’s social life was mostly going to church and doing charitable activities (Elizabeth 1). They were expected to stay home and take care of the house. However, a few women did manage to find work outside the home (Women’s 7). These women were often looked down upon. They usually found jobs in factories because they needed people they could pay less. The conditions of these factories were often very harsh, and the workers had to work long hours for little pay. During this time, several abolitionists like Sarah Moore Grimke began arguing for women’s rights as well (8). White women arguing for abolition became aware of how few rights they themselves had (Andreas 6). Even…

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