Women 's Rights Of The United Kingdom

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This morning’s discussion with the former Lord Mayor put Derry much more into perspective for someone who is an outsider and is not educated well on The Troubles or Irish politics, past and present. In comparison to the current antics of American politics, Ireland and those a part of the United Kingdom are facing similar topics, though on a different scale. One of the most prevalent issues the former Lord Mayor talked about were gender rights, branching off briefly on women’s rights to abortions in the Republic. Within the walls of what is considered Londonderry, however, a pristine museum was created by a group connected strongly to religion and nationalism, the Apprentice Boys. Visiting the museum helped to interpret, but not understand, the differing politics and beliefs Derry contains throughout Ireland. In America it is definitely true that many people love the Constitution. In most recent—and ongoing—news reports, guns rights and ownership have been one of the main topics. The former Lord Mayor stated that many of the Irish Republic love their Constitution as well, considering it a part of their foundation in the 1930s and 40s and holds a place for those who are Catholic, as the Catholic Church has much say in legislation. When creating this Constitution for the Republic, the Catholic Church had many of their views incorporated, including their views on binary gender roles. This comprised of the views that women should stay in the home and that abortions are illegal.

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