Women 's Rights Movement : The Land Of The Free Essay

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Throughout history, group that are not in the category of heterosexual, white male have always had to fight for the basic rights. The birth of feminism is one of the most important parts of American History and has aided America to truly be “the land of the free.” This time in American history has so much value that can help modern day America realize the importance of not denying anyone their rights. Like many other unfairly treated groups, the fight for women’s suffrage was a long fight, yet nevertheless, women won and it is a critical part of American History. Through the Women’s Rights movement, many other advancements for the equality of all people occurred. Women are not the only group to have tirelessly fought for their American rights. True equality has always been a struggle for America. Although these movements do not always relate to the right to vote, many people have had to protest and battle to be treated the same as a white, heterosexual male American is treated. African Americans have fought all throughout history for equal treatment. Another very recent equality movement is from American homosexuals. After a long, hard fight homosexuals were finally granted the right to marry in 2015. Welfare and other social organizations have aided the impoverished to have an equal opportunity as well. America needs to learn from its mistakes and realize that whenever this country attempts to deny a group of people their rights to be equal, eventually they will fight…

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