Essay about Women 's Rights Movement : Breaking Down Barriers For Women

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The Women 's Rights Movement influenced this current generation of females so that women would not have to experience gender discrimination, but have the same and equal privileges as men. Throughout many years, numerous women battled and suffered through discrimination against being a woman in the workplace, legalization to obtain birth-control without having to be married, inequality based on sex, the rights to abortion, and educational opportunities (“Women 's Rights Timeline”). Being a woman should not be the reason why they felt to faced prejudice and unfairness. In an article titled, ”The 1960s-70s American Feminist Movement: Breaking Down Barriers For Women” the author states that, “...the world of American Women was limited in almost every respect, from family life to workplace” (“The 1960s-70s American Feminist Movement: Breaking Down Barriers For Women”). In the current civilization as compared to the past where women did not receive equal pay for equal work, the right to vote, and other privileges that men were given the prospect to. In today 's culture, women finally achieve their goals as their “voice 's are finally being heard aloud, saying it the way it is about the question of abortion both in its most basic sense of morality...” (Friedan). The act of degenerate and deteriorating women 's rights has been less severe than it was in the past. Women had experienced episodes of being treated unfairly for decades, but leaders finally took the initiative to fight…

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