Essay on Women 's Rights Matter For Women

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Women’s Rights Matter
Women’s right is an ever pressing issue on the United States. It’s a constant push to gain equality for women. Feminists are the leading activists fighting for equal treatment. Although years ago it was the Black Panthers who promoted equal rights for women. The Black Panther Party was thought to be a group that promoted violence to get what they wanted, but their gender philosophies on women were ahead of their times. The Panthers treated women like men’s equals. Elaine Brown was the head of the organization for a few years, and women played a major role in the revolution. The male Panthers never considered women to be worth less than them. Speaking on equality for women Bobby Seale said, “All people talk, think, feel and human relationships have to be determined on that basis, not on a sex basis” (Seale. 86). The panthers understood women shouldn’t be valued less than men and made it a point to treat them the same. In 2015 women are still fighting to be valued the same as men.
Issues concerning equality are prevalent in the work force today. One issue that’s brought up is the pay gap between men and women. It’s a known fact women with the same education and job as men will be earning less, even for doing the exact same thing. This is true for every occupation in every state in American. For every dollar a man makes a women is earning around 78 cents. This issue is talked about every year and is a big issue for feminists especially because the pay…

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