Women 's Rights For Equal Rights Essay

1059 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
Throughout the years, women have been fighting for equal rights. As early as the 18th century women started to point out the stark contrast between the treatment of men and women in society. As the years progressed, women started to gain these notions of equality such as the right to go to college and the right to vote. Even now in the 21st century women are still fighting for equality in places such as the workforce and even in everyday society. The problem is that we are completely ignoring the biases against men. These problems are evident in situations like abuse and divorce and even every life. We are pushing for the equal treatment of women, but when are we going to push for total equal rights for men?
Being a self proclaimed feminist I have noticed that the feminist society refuses to recognize the existence of male gender bias. If you were to go up to a feminist, or a large portion of the female population, and tell them that men are treated unfairly and unequally, they would laugh at you and progress into a speech of how men repress women. The part about this that is not correct is that we assume that men and women suffer from sexism differently. The best way to explain this is the fact that “men suffer because of the same gender role stereotypes that hurt and restrict women—though men, being of a different gender, fall afoul of those stereotypes in different ways” (Berlatsky). How can you say that you are working for equal rights if you refuse to acknowledge any…

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