Women 's Rights And Gender Equality Essay

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man was to deal with all the politics, and the woman was to stay at home and pretend like she knew nothing about what was going on. Little did the men know was that women would just keep getting more and more rights as time went on really threatening their “gender roles,” and this would cause patriarchy to start to diminish. Voting wasn’t the only advantage women got in the 1920’s. According to Melissa Donahue in the article “Transition from Patriarchal Society: Women’s Rights and Gender Equality,” women could now own water and land which was a huge step because women weren’t expected to be independent, but this helped them be able to live on their own, and to actually become independent. With all these new advantages for women they soon became known on every level like men, and had also got to socially improve (Berner, “Women in the 1920’s in North Carolina.”) Women getting all these freedoms and advantages that only men were supposed to have, really was the start to the “new women” that appeared throughout the 1920’s.
As women started to gain many more advantages, society came up with a name for them and decided to call them the “new women.” The new women promoted how important hygiene was, and the importance to read and understand literature (Donahue, “Transition from Patriarchal Society: Women’s Rights and Gender Equality”). Learning to read, was a start on women becoming independent, and learning how to do things on their own; without the help of men. One huge…

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