Essay on Women 's Rights, And Equal Rights For All Races

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I guess when you look back through time; the 60’s were a movement of women’s rights, and equal rights for all races. I started my life in 1967 and can’t really recall what the 1960s looked like or even better what was going on during that time. I do remember the early years of my life that both of my parents worked factory jobs. Most weeks they would be gone 10 hours a day before they came home from work. My parents used a child sitter with us while they were away from home. Early on it was my mothers’ aunt, who took care of us, then it was neighbors, and finally it was hired through a classified advertisement in the paper. I had friends whose mothers were a stay at home parent, and a domestic engineer. They were always the coolest moms, making us cookies and Kool-Aid for snacks. Taking us to the park, setting up adventures in the backyard, or allowing us to build tents with blankets and furniture. This is my driving point of this paper; there are benefits and disadvantages of being a stay at home parent or a two-income family. Parents need to decide, “Should they stay, or Should they go” when it comes to staying home.
The new word being passed around at work is Baby bonding. I can take off time (12 weeks) once my child is born and up till their 1st birthday. I have to schedule this 12 weeks consecutively. I think this is one of the greatest benefits for a dad. For as long as I remember mothers have always had the ability to bond with their children after…

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