Women 's Rights : A Victim Of Domestic Violence Essay

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In history women have fought for equal rights and liberation of public policies that created barriers for women to progress. In my generation I have witness many crimes against women and women committing crimes themselves. Society has created this invisible web that women are not allowed to go beyond the traditional norms of a patriarchal society. Over the years women have broken the chains of traditional norms and new legislative laws have been passed, paving the way for women. When the women’s suffrage ended women became more involved in the criminal justice system and as for myself I became a lawyer, but I had also experience the criminal justice system as a victim of domestic violence. Despite all that women have overcome, domestic violence still was not an issue worth recognizing in the criminal justice system and because of this I devoted my time to become a defense attorney for battered women who killed their abuser.
As a defense attorney I get asked many of time why I chose to specialize in defending battered women who killed the abusive partners. I know firsthand about being a victim of domestic violence. I tell those who ask why I chose my profession because I was tired of the Criminal Justice system demising the issue of battered women not being real victims. I was in a five year relationship with my high school boyfriend who was overly obsessed. I wasn’t aware of how jealous he became over the years, I guess the more attention I received the more irritated he…

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