Women 's Portrayal Of Women Essay

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The portrayal of women in a newsroom is interesting to watch in movies about journalism. Often times, women are shown as minor roles throughout the movies. If a woman is put into the movie as a main character she is often doing something that hurts her reputation. A man could also be shown as superior to a woman. This creates interesting viewpoints of shows as the directors of movies show a strong male lead. Because this scenario is true in so many movies about women journalists it could hurt their reputation and help for women to be viewed in a negative light. This is negative because women and men are working hard to prove that they are equal, but the movie industry is not helping to prove this point. Although, some of these movies are outdated, they are still prominent movies that people are watching today. If more movies showed women in a positive aspect, it could help to establish a high precedent for women reporters and show that females are just as capable as males at publishing a quality story, One of the biggest examples of this happening is in House of Cards. The relationship between Frank Underwood and Zoe Barnes is based on sexual relations. Sex is used a political commodity to help Underwood tell Barnes newsworthy stories that will help advance his political gains. In a conversation with Barnes, Underwood quotes Oscar Wilde, “Everything in this world is about sex. Except Sex. Sex is about power.” In this movie, sex is indeed power. It is a way for Underwood to…

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