Essay Women 's Oppression And Feminism

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The well-known Thai movie that is a good example of portraying women’s oppression and feminism is Jan Dara. The movie is based on a famous Thai erotic novel. The film portrays the story of Jan, a boy who grows up in a house lorded over by Vissanan-decha, his own sadistic and debauched father. Described the story in 1930s and depicted growing pains of Jan, his mother, who is strongly detested by Luang Vissanan-decha, died while giving birth to him. So, Jan lives with his aunt, and he struggles to reconcile his guilt and longing with different women in his life, including a girl called Hiyacine, whom he adores, and later Misses Boonleung, the mistress of his father Luang Vissanan-decha, turns out to be a reason of Jan 's sexual awakening. As it can be seen that the story contain social stratification and sexual assault on women because story depicts life in slavery period in Thailand, that women are responsible for serving men as it relates in cultural feminism — the ideology that understand men and women are differentiate from each other due to each period of time. Looking into the plot, Luang Vissanan-decha intensely hate Jan because his wife died because of giving birth to Jan. Luang Vissanan-decha started take possession of his mother-in-law’s late wife, so that the story informs about the gender inequality; although women have high social rank than men, men still dominate and take advantage of women. The producer also shows us about leader role that limits within men…

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