Essay on Women 's Magazines Sell The Women Of An America Dreams

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“Trim healthy mama exclusive!” “soup off 12 LBs this week!” “fat blasting, metabolism boosting secret recipe revealed” Do these diets, health tips and quick fixes actually work for woman. What are these magazines selling to the women of america? Women 's magazines sell the women of an america dreams. I studied a few women 's magazines Woman’s World, SHAPE, and First for Women. One of the magazines I read was First for Women one thing i noticed when i first picked up the magazine is the massive quick fix weight loss ads on the cover. Its draws a lot of attention from the readers since a lot of women are very self conscious about their health to pick it up and read the magazine. The effects of female magazine models on the self-esteem and body image of women is huge, women want to look like the models they see in the magazines and and will go to great lengths to get their bodies like the models in them. It 's a depleting body image that these magazines are creating. Magazines portray and compare happiness with being young and thin. So in return some feel if they are not young and thin , then they are not happy which equals depression. According to Mary Kay Blakely in, Help or Hindrance? Women 's Magazines Offer Readers Little But Fear, Failure “the clear message was that whatever growing and changing a woman must do psychologically to prevent depression, she better accomplish it in a body that never grew past 25.” Women 's magazines sell an unrealistic image of how a woman is…

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