Women 's Love And The Republic Of Love Essay

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In the twentieth century, an era marked by profound changes due to feminist movements, D.H. Lawrence and Carol Shields’ wrote novels, Women in Love and The Republic of Love, respectively, depicting the changing influence of parents on lovers. Women in Love was a novel in which parents had very little, if any, influence on the authenticity of their children’s love, whereas The Republic of Love revealed a marked increase of parental influence. Along the same time frame, there was also an expansion of women’s rights that may have played a contributing role to the role of parents on lovers. An analysis of Women in Love and The Republic of Love reveals the changing degrees of authenticity of love due to parental perspective and a growth in women’s rights. In Women in Love, Lawrence authored a story of the ebb and flow of the relationship of two sisters, Ursula and Gudrun Brangwen, with their lovers, Rupert Birkin and Gerald Crich. Throughout the story the pairs of lovers are forced to delve deep within to understand the authenticity of their love, rarely consulting their parents, to bring meaning to their relationships. The denial of a parental perspective in their relationships, especially in the relationship of Ursula and Rupert, is represented by a conversation between Rupert and Ursula’s father wherein Rupert mentioned that he was going to ask Ursula to marry him and Ursula’s father was blindsided that his daughter’s relationship had reached such depths. The conversation…

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