Women 's Loss Of Women Essay

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The Feminine Mystique was a call for women confined in the housewife trap to forge a revolution. Betty Friedan argues that society had stunted the growth of women, preventing her development through prejudice in education, science, and media outlets. Freidan reasons that the haze that had descended over the middle-classed suburbanites of the 1950’s has stripped women bare of identity with a false promise of fulfilment. Freidan contends for the equality of women, but since her argument is derived from the notion of “occupation: housewife” her primary audience is a target of mainly white, particularly middle-classed, and specifically women.
Freidan argues that the feminine mystique given power by Freudian thought, authority by social science, weight by education, and an image by advertisement has deprived women of growth and fooled her into believing that there is only one path to fulfillment because she is a woman. Friedan’s case against the feminine mystique is structured as a cycle. Women’s loss of identity caused women to be susceptible to the feminine mystique; the mystique in turn created a society that taught and thought that women had one image, one role, and one purpose; this caused women to suffer an identity crisis as they found that they did not experience the sense of fulfillment, leaving women to turn to the mystique starting the cycle over again in her children. Friedan also recognizes the affects women driven by the mystique were having on the…

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