Women 's Labor Force Increased Work Family Conflict Essay examples

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The research question The changing role of women: Does women participation in the labor force increased work-family conflict?

Since the post World War II, a great number of women participate in the labour market has marked a milestone in the women’s history. With a gradual increase in social status, women, nowadays, have a relatively higher education attainment and economic survival ability than they used to be in the past decades. Yet, from a family-sociological perspective, sociologists tend to explore whether working women or the mothering ideology is better with the overall picture of the family structure. In this research paper, I intend to focus on three factors, including women’s work commitment with children at home, fertility intention of employed women, and the modern mothering identity perspective, to explore how women’s labour force participation impacts on work-family relationship by referencing to the qualitative and quantitative data from the articles.

1. Matthew K. Mulvaney, Laurel A. McNall, and Rebecca A. Morrissey. 2011. "A Longitudinal Investigation of Work– Family Strains and Gains, Work Commitment, and Subsequent Employment Status Among Partnered Working Mothers" Journal of Family Issues 32(3) 292–316

The article builds on a belief on “commitment” as the central factor to determine the possible influence of working- women in the family. The “Theory of human energy” and the “theory of role accumulation” are used to…

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