Essay on Women 's Issues By Mona Lisa Smile

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For many years, women’s issues and rights have been a topic of discussion and debate throughout the world. As time progresses, new issues emerge and are addressed at different levels within society. Although groups such as women’s rights activists, policy makers, and the general community have a large impact on spreading messages about women’s issues, portrayal of controversial topics have been depicted in popular films and other media sources. For the purposes of this analysis, I will reflect upon the film, Mona Lisa Smile (2003) in which women’s issues are finely portrayed regarding education, family roles, and the relation to social work practice.

Background During the 1950’s, the United States had just emerged from World War II and society was just recovering from the war and other social, economic, and political factors that were changing at the time. Feminism was just on the cusps of the second wave but women were still focused on their rights to education and employment. While thousands of men were away at war, the women back at home played a strong role in upholding the economy by taking over jobs and enrolling in school to further their education. As much as women were beginning to progress and find their lives outside of the home, the greater society still had expectations of women and their roles. The main stereotype that was held for women during that time period was being a wife and a mother and those women who explored beyond those limits were seen as…

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