Women 's Involvement Of Women Essay

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During the decade preceding the intifada that began in 1987, the PFWAC was both the largest and most influential women’s organizations within the occupied territories (Hasso 442). The involvement of women resulted in the prioritization of issues traditionally the responsibility of women, such as “taking care of children orphaned by the violence, establishing kindergartens, vocational classes, and small income-generating enterprises” (Kawar 235). Women’s involvement is not in spite of their gender; in fact, according to Khaled, it is motivated by concerns unique to women. She stated in an interview with a French publication that “women are part of our people, they feel the same injustices. So they get involved. Women give life. So they feel the danger even more than men. When they are involved, they are more faithful to the revolution because they defend the lives of their children too” (Khaled qtd. in Barat, para. 22). She argues that women involve themselves in resistance not only to fight for the freedom of their homeland, but also to fight for the freedom of their children, and claims that her participation gained a new purpose when she became a mother.
I became more and more convinced that I had to do my best to defend [my children] and build a better future for them… The popular front slogan was: “Men and Women together in the struggle for the liberation of our homeland”. The P.F.L.P implemented that by giving a place to women in the military. At the same time, women…

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