Essay on Women 's Influence On Women

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The show depicts a quirky, young woman named Betty who is often regarded as unattractive by others. Betty lands a job as an assistant at a fashion magazine called “Mode”. Though her physical appearance is often mocked and humiliated, Betty gains her colleague’s respect and eventually finds her way into the fashion industry through her hard work and positive attitude. Meanwhile, other women who work in Mode tend to be careful about the impressions others have on their physical appearance, thus building their body images according to beauty standards. Though the first three seasons of Ugly Betty prove that women can live without following beauty standards, the makeover of Betty in season 4 undermines the show’s efforts to liberate women from body image stereotypes. The show was broadcasted on ABC from 2006 to 2010. At that time, the third-wave feminism had begun for over 10 years and the fourth-wave feminism just started. The third-wave feminism began in the mid-1990s. Third-wave feminists strived for reclaiming the definition of womanhood, sexuality, beauty and femininity. They rejected female stereotypes and promoted gender equality and sexual liberation. Fourth-wave feminism began in 2008 and it is more digitally driven comparing to the former waves of feminism. Fourth-wave feminists spread their protest against sexism and misogyny through social media and embrace various types of “queer” women, including masculine ones and those of plus-sizes. Much of the shooting of Ugly…

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