Essay on Women 's Influence On Women

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Women have been facing crisis of body image since the dawn of man, for competition in breeding purposes, however women came under great scrutiny because of this. Often through history, they have been at the same level of livestock, treated poorly. Creating a rise in the early 1900’s to create the movement about pushing for the equality of women in the United States; it was after then when media first started adopting an ideal image of women in American culture, when marketing research found the use of images of ideal women in their campaigns made for higher sales.
The result became instantaneous as the use of celebrities in the 1920 is created a different ideal, of a thinner woman, with Americans becoming desensitized to content more quickly as televisions became readily available in every household, the demand for new lead to more extreme media. Women were portrayed as more thin, after the 1970’s introduced a slimmer figure back into the industry resulting in an extreme measure in the 1990’s of extremely bony models on the runway, casting a shadow on the average women that was 5’4. Exposure to thin ideals from media corporations play an important contribution to body image, being a multidimensional paradigm combining ideas of self-perception and one’s own evaluation of physical appearance. Due to the high prevalence of body image concerns, there has been an increase in observed and medical attention, as it found to have negative consequences on audiences alike.
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