Essay on Women 's Influence On Women

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Throughout the course of history, society had stereotyped women, making it merely impossible for a woman to attain her goals and desires in life. This had weighed them not as equals, and for this, they were given incomparable standards by which to live. At this day and age, and during the ancient Greek times, women had always been treated as second best by biased men, although today’s society has started to understand this inequality better as time progresses further into the future. Even with society becoming more equal for women, females are still treated similar as to the time of the ancient Greeks. Women still don’t have as much power as men, are still “blamed” for wrongdoings and thought as untrustworthy, and are still used as “currency” or are taken advantage of. Across the globe, women are starting to gain more political power and are able to have other jobs and rights, but this was only achieved recently, as women have always been second best. To start with, women were technically considered “slaves” or just above the standards of a slave. The main purpose of a woman was to cook, clean, raise a family, and to have sex or sometimes be raped, to please a mans needs. In Greece, they were seen as an object or property of a man, and were not given full rights, and in America, women were just given “all” rights not even fifty years ago. Plus, for women in power today or those who want to be, it’s still challenging to have the people vote for them, as people think…

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