Women 's Influence On The Paleolithic Civilization Essay

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During the early years of civilization, women have been portrayed in many different ways from the statues in the Paleolithic period to the Goddess in Mesopotamian, plus the Queens of ancient Egypt. One thing all these cultures have in common is woman was always being a sign of fertility which makes sense being that they have the ability to carry children. Even though there has been a few women represented in these times for the most part it was a man 's world. Females did not have the same expectations as did the men. They were looked at as life-givers and healers.

Art played a tremendous role in the Paleolithic culture , one example being Venus of Willemdorf(awk) which happens to be the most famous of the sculptures during this time. Made of limestone the figure dates back to 22,000 BCE, the sculpture is very small in size, which leads me to believe it was used for some ritual purposes. Venus was a sign of fertility and the image of ideal beauty, her stomach was big and round while her breast hung low yet large(awk sent). During the Paleolithic era female sculptures outnumber(tense) males, most likely they had religious meaning. It also indicated there possibly could have been a female dominate tribe.

Like the Paleolithic culture Mesopotamia has many artistic representations of females, but for Mesopotamians they believed in gods and goddesses which gave some woman a higher power than before. Many goddesses represented fertility and nurture as they did…

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