Essay on Women 's Influence On The Music Industry

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In the early twentieth century, women were still expected to be the “good” housewife and mother, but more educational and career opportunities became accessible. More women were able to work their way into the music industry and although discrimination and inequality were rampant, women were performing in public more than ever. Eager to take advantage of the opportunities, groups like the Ziegfield Follies sprung up. Talented singers and dancers, the “show-girls” of the Ziegfield Follies were known as “the most beautiful women in the world.” The women who performed with the Follies created an image for themselves defined by beauty, sex appeal, and power. Although women were able to become successful in the music industry, success was not measured by talent alone. In order to become successful in the music industry during this time, a woman often had to rely on physical attraction more so than actual talent. Through this reliance, we see just how much power women truly possess over their own image. Women were able to exercise their power over their image by using their sex appeal to their advantage and appealing to the desires of society. If deemed beautiful, the door to performing was opened to them and society was accepting. Otherwise, women were still expected to fulfill their roles as housewife. The women themselves are responsible for the attractive image associated with the Follies as they also derived power from physical appeal, and through the Follies the image…

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