Women 's Influence On The Music Industry Essay

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Thigh gaps, long legs, flawless skin, silky hair, seductive, submissive, the picture of ideal femininity is constantly portrayed in music videos and is quite difficult to obtain in real life. The majority of women cannot meet the standards that are set by the music industry.
Some may argue that there are plenty of successful female artists who are not sexually exploited in music videos, however, most of these successful artists do not meet the physical ideals that society establishes. For example, Adele is beautiful and incredibly talented, but does not have the body type that the media would deem as “sexy.” This further emphasizes the music industry enforcing the idea that women who are not shaped like supermodels are not desirable. In order to market Adele, producers exploit her vulnerability as a means to keep women in their place by portraying other ideals of femininity, using her as a symbol of emotional sensitivity and reinforcing the gender stereotyping of women as submissive and reliant. In light of this, there are a handful of female artists such as Alicia Keys and Alesia Carra who break the mold and do not rely on their sexuality at all to promote their music. However, they are significantly less popular in society than those women who do allow themselves to be sexually exploited like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande.
This objectification of women and societal pressure to meet the impossible standards of beauty and femininity that music videos encourage greatly affect…

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