Women 's Influence On The Human Body Essay

766 Words Dec 1st, 2014 4 Pages
Today’s culture is obsessed with looking younger, it seems like a contest that many American’s are trying to win. Youth is defined as the time between childhood and adult. Men and women today are willing to do anything possible to look and feel young, regardless of how expensive it can become. Some people tend to spend too much money, or sometimes they risk their own lives. This trend is due to the technological revolution, miracle wrinkle creams or Botox, expensive and sometimes fatal cosmetic surgical procedures. Some people are afraid to get older because they might seem unattractive or will get less attention from others. Every day we are exposed to view ads that show perfection and beauty. For instance, a billboard announcing a perfume, but more than that, they show a beautiful perfect face and body selling the perfume. We are bombarded with these ads every day, it seems like a contest to see who will sell more beauty. Social ads, movies and magazines show the splendid side of the human body, making people believe that there is nothing more important than appearance. Perhaps many people look at celebrities’ images and want to imitate them because they look perfect on television and magazines covers. Most of the celebrities use Photoshop to pretend perfection and elegance. It is the author’s opinion that Photoshop is not the option to corroborate how beautiful people really are. It shows the fictitious side and influence people to seek for beauty the wrong way. The…

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