Women 's Influence On The History Of African Politics, Culutre, And Society

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Throughout the process of historicizing the past, women are primarily left out of the history books and stories for their contribution to civilization. However through the unearthing of antiquity it is clear that women were prominent in both the advances and declines of human society and culture. Using examples from three different regions of Africa this essay will discuss the influence that women had in shaping the history of African politics, culutre, and society. Ancient Egypt is an African civilization that has gained historical notoriety for its political and technological advances, with Pharaohs at the forefront of its success. Hatshepsut, a Pharaoh who ruled during the Eighteenth Dynasty, was, according to Dr. Joseph Holloway, one of the most important female figures in antiquity and was arguably one of Egypt’s most successful rulers. Holloway states that Hatshepsut expanded trade routes for commerce, which allowed her to strengthen ties with surrounded regions and kingdoms. As a result of this expansion Egypt experienced a period of abundance, prosperity and peace. This was an era of peace because Hatshepsut did not send “punitive expeditions” or warriors into surrounding regions. Hatshepsut was also created with extensive building projects, designing beautiful temples still in existence today. Hatshepsut provides a perfect example of a notable female figure that utilize her power for the greater good and advancement of her people. Her role extends beyond that of…

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