Women 's Influence On The Film, Television Shows And The Popularity Of The Films

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In the last decade or so Hollywood has taken a liking to the superhero genre and the popularity of the films, television shows, and source characters have exploded. They have managed to produce billions of dollars and bring in a huge number of viewers of all kinds. The stories they tell are complex and enthralling to the audience. However, almost all these stories focus on men and their stories and only use women as a background prop to try to be seen as “progressive”. Some excuse this because the main target is impressionable young, straight, white men so that is why those are the characters they show, as though they cannot find characters that are not exactly like them relatable or interesting, when in reality these movies are viewed by all kinds of people. In most cases when women are present in the genre, they are largely sexualized and only used to prop up a man. The execution of a few superheroines are done astoundingly well and allow them to have their own agency and personality. However, with this intended audience the loud and clear message is that women are just there to help the generic masculine man out and be his love interest. By far, the most prominent female character to rise from this trend is Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff has an extremely deep and complex history that these films could explore, instead they use her as a rotating prop for male superheroes. Scarlett Johansson’s portrayal of the character first appeared in Iron Man 2 and from the get go they…

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