Women 's Influence On Society Essay

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Cultural legacies influence our culture, surroundings and upbringings, which all affect our personalities. In today 's society, there are more women that are pursuing a higher education. Approximately they contribute towards fifty percent of the workforce, yet they are still underrepresented for the higher positions such as the CEO of a company. Additionally, scientific and social experiments have both shown that women are equally as intelligent, capable, and hardworking as men, but then why are there only a few female CEOs, directors or managers?
There is a confidence gap between women and men in our society. According to our society women have certain characteristics and expectations, compared to men; hegemonic masculinity versus emphasized femininity. Women usually are encouraged to talk selectively but properly, they are taught to be careful with their decisions due to their delicate personalities, and often times they have to choose between their career and family.
Firstly, many women are hesitant to speak up at their job. Since elementary school, women are taught that being polite, calm, and collective will earn you a reward. Girls are awarded for being “perfect little good girls”. Female students are expected to quietly finish their tasks on their desk, by their own teachers and parents. Furthermore, they are taught not to question their authority and always be polite. Therefore, they do not want to be too pushy or seem like they are out of line. So, they usually…

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