Women 's Influence On Society Essay

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Have you ever felt that you had no say or rights? That is how women used to feel in the 1920’s. On August 18, 1920 women got their right to vote, this was also known as the 19th amendment. Women have done a lot for the country and for our lives as we know it. There are many different women around the world who have made a huge impact on our society. Women very hard in what they do and everything they do. In the 1900s Rosa Parks was an american civil rights activist who made a huge impact on us today. She was a black women who wouldn 't give up her seat to a white man. She was peaceful and dignified, because she did this she became one of the most respected women figures in the civil rights movement. Marilyn Monroe was a the babe of her time, the 1950s was where she made her mark. She was a american actress who made some of thee most iconic film legends. Her films were successful, but most of her fame came from her photogenic looks and her sophistication and glamor. Another women who made a huge impact was Helen Keller. When she was nineteen months old she became deaf and blind. Helen overcame the impediment of losing both her sight and her hearing, she ended up campaigning tirelessly on behalf of the blind and deaf people. These women all made impacts during their time and also made an impact on us today. Those women that were just described did help us in a lot of ways, but there are also women athletes who have made an impact. For example Hope Solo won Olympic gold in…

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