Women 's Influence On Feminine Nature Essay

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In earlier eras, fairy tales served as a medium to strengthen feminine nature by contrasting women with extreme beauty or profound evil. Feminine nature deals with an ability women have anatomically that differentiate them from men; childbearing. Although, that doesn 't imply all women must give birth, their bodies are simply structured that way. However, men twisted this idea of feminine nature to take on a different meaning; a meaning revolving around infirmity and submissiveness. Women 's roles in fairy tales portray this detestation by beautiful yet submissive women cast as the positive representation of women while the evil portrayal shows the example of what isn 't allowed in the society. With women in these belittling positions, it makes it acceptable to stereotype women, weakening their potential to empower themselves. Stories during an overwhelmingly patriarchal society, it’s not surprising that they have an obvious disdain towards women and their empowerment. The story of Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella affirms this idea that men are placing women into the beautiful or the evil role in an attempt to denigrate females.
In the Sleeping Beauty story, the princess maintains a lack of agency throughout the story, holding no influence over her body or life; fate controls her life while men violate her body. In addition, witches and Queens oppose the beautiful yet powerless princess due to their inability to handle their rage and jealousy. A notable version of Sleeping…

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