Women 's Impact On The Workplace Essay

840 Words Dec 9th, 2016 4 Pages
It comes as no surprise that women are underrepresented in the boardrooms. There are female CEOs in the independent businesses, but they fall behind in the boards. In the previous ten years, the number of women on the board of directors in country 's biggest businesses has only increased by 5% in meeting rooms, which leaves 80% of the opportunity for the men. The numbers are surprisingly more terrible around the world, where women occupy only 12% of the aggregate seats. Moreover, 55% companies that are worth more than $1 billion in Europe and U.S have no women on their boards. All these numbers become even more surprisingly when women make up 60% of the world 's graduate. (Wolf) Catalyst, a not-for-profit organization that worked on opening up opportunities for women in the workplaces, studied the impact of more women in an organization on the financial outcomes. A positive correlation was found between the two, and the association likewise discovered positive results years after the initial survey when it concentrated the economic effects of having women on the board of directors. From that point forward, a large group of different organizations and associations including Ernst and Young, McKinsey and Company and the International Monetary Fund carried out similar research and concluded with the same outcomes. Thus, these studies established that organization that has relatively more females in their senior level of leadership; they perform better financially as compared…

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