Women 's Impact On Gender Inequality Essays

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Prior to 1920, most women stayed home and very few held paying jobs, however the United States was eventually pushed into World War I in 1917 leading a new change for women. War time sparked a colossal economic growth creating a demand for weapons, clothes, and military supplies. With many men going off to serve in the military and leaving their previous jobs, women stepped into factory positions to support the war effort. However, according to The Twenties in America Women in the Work Force, “the increased presence of women in the workforce had a limited impact on gender inequality.” Women today have continued to face what is now often referred to as the ‘wage gap’, a difference in pay women face estimated to be around 77 cents for each dollar worked by a man. (Ames, 1009) This difference in pay is found across the country, however states such as Wyoming, Utah, and Louisiana have the largest gap. In these states, it has been reported that women’s median annual earnings compared to men’s medians annual earnings to be below 69 percent, according to the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Identifying what the individual causes are for the wage gap can be difficult as it does very state to state. Most studies agree that some of the contributing factors are career choice, not working full time, maternity leave, and discrimination. Women have made great progress since the 1920s but they still have a way to go. The gap needs to be closed, and all workers need to be…

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