Women 's Freedom And The Freedom Of The Children They Bear Essay

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"If it is right for men to fight for their freedom, and God knows what the human race would be like today if men had not, since time began, fought for their freedom, then it is right for women to fight for their freedom and the freedom of the children they bear." The words of Emmeline Pankhurst, the patron of the Women 's Social and Political Union (WSPU). She defied the universal belief that women were frail creatures that had no business in the decisions that move a country forward. She believed that freedom in political and social concerns were natural, god-given rights for all, not just men. Before the 19th century, women all around the globe struggled to get their voice heard. They were supposedly to simple, dainty, and quiet beings that should not be bothered with the responsibilities of men. But the female masses followed leaders such as Millicent Fawcett and Emmeline Pankhurst into a political battle for freedom. They proved that women were not only fully capable of partaking in politics, but they could unify and organize to achieve their goals. In Great Britain, the fight for women’s suffrage commenced in 1866. Before the movement, England was a male dominated, in a seemingly oppressed state. During the "revolution" the nation was unstable due to being scattered. After the transition, the country was reborn and had a new sense of direction. It brought about Feminism which is still very active in today 's societies.

Pre-suffrage England was very oppressive for…

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