Essay Women 's Fight For Their Rights

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As far as women themselves, have come a long way in gaining equality. Although women are not exactly equal to men, they can play and take roles of men. There is always that saying “if he can do it, I can do it better. Women have fought for their rights in many things they are apart of today and for their beliefs in what they feel and think is right. They have fought for their oppression, to be equal to men and now have gained many opportunities in playing and being male roles.
Women fighting for their rights is what it has always been about. They have come so far in gaining the right to vote, work, run for president, play different sports, divorce, live and now are given the opportunity to even be in relations and marry the same sex. As far as women and oppression, there are different types of feminisms that merge the sociological theories speaking on the ending of oppression on women and finding ways to overcome oppression. Liberal feminism is moron the matter of being equal and having equal opportunity regardless of gender. Cultural feminism speaks more on women 's empowerment such as the nurturing, caring, loving, openness, etc. Socialist feminist argues sexism and capitalism are mutually supportive. Radical Feminism fights more on the issue of women not having equal rights as men when it comes to wars and movements. Multicultural and Global Feminism focuses more on gender, race, class, etc.
Yes, it is clear that women are not exactly equal to men. What makes men and…

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