Women 's Fight For Equality Essay

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Women Fighting for Equality in Their Devilish Ways How can a woman become devilish? According to the book Shame the Devil, by Debra Brenegan, Sara Payson Willis had the devils wickedness in her because she “…wiggled during prayers, interrupted conversations, asked too many questions…” (1) Sara did not possess the feminine qualities like modesty, humility, piety, weakness and submissiveness. She was strong, independent and outspoken and these qualities made her a devilish woman in the 1800s. (Brenegan, 1) Devilish women, like Sara (Fanny Fern), challenged the traditional gender norms and stood up for women’s rights by making their voices heard either by the power of their pens, actions, and/or speeches. Women reformers attempted to challenge the traditional gender norms accidently in the beginning. Many women that became widowed, or were single had to provide for themselves and sometimes they had to provide for their families. Women in these predicaments did not have many options for work, all they could really do was domesticated work for others like sewing, cleaning and cooking, which barley payed enough to keep them alive. Sara Willis, for example, became widowed and had to provide for herself and her two daughters. Sara only made enough money to live in a boarding house, with very little food and warmth. Sara even had to cut the tips of Ellen’s, her daughter, shoes so that Ellen’s feet would fit. (Brenegan, 7). Women, like Sara, started to realize making a living as a…

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