Women 's Fight For Empowerment Essay

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Women on the Move

The movie “Water” and “Fire” reflect on how women fight for empowerment and the challenges they faced from the opposite dominant sex displayed in the Indian culture. Empowerment is one’s self-strength, control, your decision making and fighting for your rights. Through tough time women in Hindu culture spoke out against a society controlled by the male.
The film “Water" concentrates on the social state of a woman in Indian society, on the social position of a widow. A widow’s life is not only difficult; it is also rather unfair. The women, after the death of their husband, had three choices, which were to burn with their dead husbands, lead a life of self-denial, or if family permits marry her husband’s youngest brother. Nevertheless, neither of the three appears to demonstrate female empowerment, because these may not be what they want in life. Most widows had to make a living, even if it meant walking streets and begging for money. Although there was another option, it didn’t show empathy or sympathy for their situation. Based on how widows were treated socially, I’m inclined to consider the donation of money was simply an act of compassion. Secondly, the ashram she lives in were ruled by a woman who is unaware of the moral qualities of a lady and a human in general. She would sell widows under her care to men, the permanent clients of the ashram. Madhumati and the eunuch used Kaylani for their personal financial…

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