Essay on Women 's Fight Against Sexism

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Although society has progressed throughout time, sexism is still relevant. Surprisingly enough, sexism is many times considered a “societal norm” and not uncommon in the work place. Due to female oppression in history, today’s fight against sexism is a fight for equality. Sexism is absolutely ridiculous, and a horrifying reality. However, due to the incorrect idea of females being the weaker sex, many men have a concept of reliant and submissive women as the ideal societal female. With the support of famous celebrities, politicians, and influential figures, sexism will decrease tremendously in the upcoming century, and the thought of a sexist society will be preposterous. One of the most influential females currently in today’s society is Emma Watson. Emma Watson launched a campaign called HeForShe in September of 2014. The organization was initiated by United Nation women with the attempt to engage both men and boys as people of change in hopes of gender equality and women’s rights. The men and boys are encouraged to “take action against inequalities faced by women and girls” (Wikipedia para. 1). When launching the HeForShe campaign Emma Watson spoke about her own experience in identifying as a feminist. As of December 7, 2015, 560,157 men have taken the stand against gender equality by pledging to stand up for female rights (HeForShe para. 2). She brings forth awareness that this is a fight for not only females, but for males as well. Emma Watson is a positive example…

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