Women 's Femininity During The Victorian Era Essay

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Throughout this paper I will be examining women’s femininity during the Victorian Era from the 1830s to the 1900s. From the start of the Victorian era the perfect woman as an ideal of femininity was relentless. Women were expected to be prim and proper, as well as pure and hygienic. Women were slaves to fashion, yearning for men’s approval; they had to suffer from heavy crinoline cages on their hips to restricted corsets clinging to their rib cage. Heavy materials on their bodies made for restricted movement and unnatural stiffness. Victorian women also had to be aware of the toxic materials they were wearing on their bodies and to be cautious of their surrounding while wearing large skirts. I will then further my research of how femininity was truly represented in the Victorian Era and the realties of beauty for women living England during the era. Women went through great lengths to achieve a preferred beauty, pale complexion, acne free skin, and the right amount of make up was a task they had to accomplish to fit into the Victorian era’s idea of beauty. Women used toxic chemicals on their skin to attain a preferred fair pigmentation, some of which lead to deaths. I will then continue to focus on how women were portrayed by the powerful men surrounding them. Women were inferior to men; however, they were expected to be alluring to the male eye. Women had many obligations, although they had few opportunities, men controlled women and England operated with this…

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