Women 's Equality Of Women Essay

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Equality of Women in Modern Israeli

The Zionist movement was not travelling along the traditional Jewish way. Traditional Jews have a great deal of attachment to their faith and doctrine, and the Zionists wanted to bring about the identity of Zionism with Judaism which includes both Jewish and non-Jewish. It created the basis for the religious society when it changed the role of women in society. Israeli women are defined as Jewish and Palestinian Arab. Traditionally, Israeli women’s were groups of religious observant’s who believed that they should be able to pray at the Kotel and read the Torah scroll as well as wear the Tallit. Also Modern Israeli women wanted the Simhat Torah to dance with, which they believe would bring joy if they dance with their men and children. However, the equality of Israeli women can be defined in many different ways in the Israeli societies. It was accepted in the recent years that the traditional Jewish culture and the secondary role that the new state have when it shifted to the feminist ideology, but laws did not permit women to equally do everything as men. Israeli woman who disobey these laws are subject to be fined and can be placed in jail for up to six months. This had changed when they define the equality factors for women in Israel yet to conform to the Jewish Laws and the socio-economic factors that surround it. The revolutionary societies indicate that there was a gap between the Zionist and the Ideology…

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