Women 's Equality Of Rights, Opportunity, Pay, And Sharing Of The Responsibility

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Hillary Clinton is in the middle of an intense battle to become Commander-in-Chief of one of the most powerful and influential nations on earth. As President, Clinton promises to take on the arduous task of eradicating gender inequality in America. Clinton’s campaign started in earnest back in 2007 as she kicked off her first presidential bid by stating, “I’m not just starting a campaign I’m beginning a conversation (Davisson, A. 2009, P. 75).” The Feminist conversation is as old as civilization. It is about women’s equality of rights, opportunity, pay, and sharing of the responsibility society’s direction. Therefore, empowering women to have an equal voice in the making of laws, policies, and economic direction of their country is of essential importance. However, when a patriarchal world pushes back on this crucial social reform issue, the results may often be demoralizing. Conversely, it encourages women to fight even harder for the cause of gender equality. Unfortunately, with any social movement of importance, their standard bearers motives are not always what seem.
Hillary Clinton started her political conversation while attending Wellesley College in the 1960’s and finishing as senior class president before heading to Yale Law School. However, her influence on the feminist movement came to life on the grand stage of the 2008 presidential campaign. Within the slogan-driven world of American Politics, Clinton used the phrase ‘Glass Ceiling’ (Carlin, D. B. 2009)…

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