Women 's Effect On Fetal Development Essay

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For this exercise I was trying to figure out why many women may still use substances that are known to be harmful in fetal development. I devised ten questions to ask women my age how a future pregnancy might affect the use of known harmful substances in fetal development. All of the women I interview were white around the age of 20 and all college students. The first question I ask was do you know what negative affects substance like alcohol, tobacco, and certain drugs can have on fetal development. Almost all of the women I asked knew that these substance were not healthy for fetal development. Although many of them did not know the specifics they were all adamant on not wanting to use substance because of known harmful effects. The Second question I asked was whether or not they would stop using these substances. Out of the five women all said that they would stop using as soon as they knew they were pregnant. Then I asked them why they would stop using. All the women’s answers focused on the fact that they wanted the healthies baby possible. Many knew the variables that accompany child birth they wanted the best possible chance of having a healthy baby. Then I asked them if it would be hard for them to stop cold turkey as a result of finding out they were pregnant. Most indicated that their drinking and smoking habits were not sever to the point of dependence most only use recreational so it would not be a problem cutting this behavior out of their life. Next I asked…

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