Women 's Educational Rights Essay

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Women’s Educational Rights
“I know God stop me from going to the grave. It feels like this life for the second life. People prayed to God to spare me, and I was spared for a reason–to use my life for helping people. When people talk about the way I was shot and what happened, I think it 's the story of Malala “a girl shot by the Taliban”; I don 't feel it 's a story about me at all.” (Yousafzai 301). People in the United States take being educated for granted. Have you ever wondered how it feels to not have an education or fight for the right of education? Education should be available to everyone, for example, males and females. Women in developing countries are speaking out for the right to be educated by disseminating the stories and standing up for what they believe. In Afghanistan, females were forbidden to work, leave the house without a male, or seek medical help from a male doctor, and they were forced to cover themselves from head to toe. Girls were also forbidden to go to school, in 2001 (Kaur and Ayubi paragraph 2).
Yousafzai states that “Maulana Fazlullah had broadcasts. Most of his broadcasts were aimed at women.” “Men, go outside now. I am talking to the women.” “Then he’d say, women are meant to fulfill their responsibilities in the one. Only in emergencies can they go outside, but then they must wear the veil” (115).
In India, Indian textbooks, men were the main characters in most of the lessons. Women that were included were described as weak and…

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