Women 's Education : Developing Countries As My Topic For The Argumentative Essay

2727 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 11 Pages
I chose Women’s education in developing countries as my topic for the Argumentative Essay. This topic was not the first to pop into my mind I was planning on doing discrimination against African Americans but as I started my research something did not feel right and then this topic seemed like something that I could really dive into. Throughout the world there are many countries that do not give women an equal education as the men because of many different reasons. Some reasons include religion, discrimination, tradition, resources, and the different roles of men and women.
The way’s an education can improve lives is endless from better jobs to simply being able to care for their families. Here in America we are privileged to have the freedom that allows women to get an education and even the option to go to college, but that does not mean things are perfect. We still do not have complete equality in America for women but the main focus in this paper will be on developing countries that still have a long way to go until they even get to where we are here in America. In this paper when it is asserting facts about developing countries, I am talking about a country that’s standing of living or level of industrial production well below that possible with financial or technical aid; a country that is not yet highly industrialized. (“developing countries”) Some developing countries include Afghanistan, India, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, and Panama. I hope to be able to look at most of…

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