Women 's Discrimination For Female Athletes Essay

1585 Words Jan 7th, 2015 7 Pages
Whether one is flipping through the latest issue of Sports Illustrated or simply tuned into the daily news of TSN, it is dominantly geared towards male viewers and subsequently male athletes but rarely does one see the female counterparts. It is easy to see that male athletes hold the focus in sports despite the fact of the steady rise in female participation in sports and continual push towards gender equality. How is society expected to grow if there is still ongoing discrimination for female athletes? There is no justification for why women are oppressed due to biological makeup. Discrimination based on gender is the most unjustified and immoral kind. These mothers, daughters, and sisters have the right to be treated just as equally as any man with the same level of skill. Through the study of four American newspapers by Duncan, Messner and Williams (1991) “Women-only sports stories account for 3.5 percent of all stories; men’s stories made up 81 percent of the total.” In an era that is so affected by the messages of the media, change will never be possible if females continue to feel insignificant in comparison to males. Society says women have come a long way since the times where there participation was not even allowed in sport but can one be so sure it has? It may be too late to change to ignorance of previous generations of people but it is important that younger generations are influenced by all sources that enforce equality of both genders in sport. Several…

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