Women 's Disadvantage At Top Levels Essay

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Discuss the view that solution to women’s disadvantage in organisations is to increase their representation at top levels.

Gender, a relatively concept in social science, which plays an important role in our social lives. People are born male or female, processing masculine and feminine qualities, makes difference to the way in which he or she experience his or her social world. The distinction exists to qualities or characteristics that society ascribes to each sex, on the contrary, Liberal Feminism against emphasize gender differences, and places great emphasis on the similarity of both sexes.
Perceptions of gender are deeply rooted, vary widely both within and between cultures, and change over time. But in all cultures, gender determines power and resources for females and males, and the fact is that women have less power than men to access productive resources, services and opportunities. (Food and Agriculture Organisations of United Nations, 2016) Also, gender discrimination is always to continue.
Especially for the employment, evidence shows that men has power through taking visible and invisible advantages of privileges in organisations that women often lack. For example, approximately 70% of people in national minimum wage jobs are women (Low Pay Commission, 2007). In addition, 54% of women working part-time have been found to be ‘employed below their potential’, which amounts to 2.8 million women (TUC, 2008). Thus it can be seen that women has less power and…

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